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Occasional Papers of the BSG
Editor: Roger Sanders, 1854 Greenwood Road, Weatherford, TX 76088, USA
Assistant Editor: Todd Wood, Center for Origins Research, Bryan College, Dayton, TN 37321, USA
Editorial Board: Joseph Francis, Margaret Helder, Georg Huber, Richard Sternberg
About the BSG: Founded in 1996, the BSG is a fellowship of researchers and scholars who seek to
1. Develop a new view of biology that is consistent with the Biblical record.
2. Encourage high-quality creation biology research.
3. Sponsor conferences and other appropriate activities to promote creation biology.
4. Develop a community of creation biologists who share these goals.
BSG membership is open to any who share these goals. For more information, visit the official BSG website,, or email
Journal Policies
OPBSG publishes peer-reviewed, original research or review papers of relevance to creation biology.
Acceptable topics include taxonomic studies of organismal groups, methodology, Biblical studies of biological
topics, philosophical etc. OPBSG is committed to constructive scientific research in creation biology; manuscripts
that are primarily critiques of evolution will be referred to a more appropriate publication. All OPBSG issues are
published and distributed electronically at
Manuscripts may be of any length but should cover the topic in sufficient detail as determined by the editor.
Because the electronic publication format is less constrained than traditional print journals, authors are encouraged
to include raw data and extensive diagrams where appropriate. Shorter papers, such as student projects, are also
strongly encouraged.
Manuscripts should be double-spaced in 12-point Times font. Figures and tables should be included at the
end of the manuscript, preceded by a separate section of figure and table legends. Do not integrate figures or
legends directly into the text. Title page should include the following items (in order): The title of the paper, the
names and affiliations of all authors, and contact information (mailing address, email, phone and FAX number)
for the corresponding author. All papers (reviews and research papers) must include an abstract of 250 words or
less. References should be made by author-date parenthetical notation and listed alphabetically at the end of the
paper (before the figure/table legends). References to books must include pages (e.g. Marsh 1941, p. 100). For
reference style, see OPBSG #1.
All manuscripts must be submitted electronically to the OPBSG editor in one of the following formats: Word,
WordPerfect, PDF, or RTF.
This document is copyright ©2005 by the BSG. Permission to copy this document is granted provided the entire copyright statement
is included.